SADAPT JRU and higher education

SADAPT JRU and higher education

Our involvement covers all levels of higher education: AgroParisTech engineer, master, doctoral programs. Our multidisciplinary research explains why we are involved in three University of Paris-Saclay Graduate Schools (Biosphera, Eco-Management, Socio-ScPo). Note that we are also involved in other educational institutions (engineering schools and universities).

We coordinate and participate in engineering courses on systemic approaches to agriculture and the environment (technical plant systems, environmental engineering, livestock breeding and sustainable industries, engineering of urban green spaces).

Our unit is also very present in the management of training courses in biotechnical and social sciences within the framework of master’s degrees (in particular the AETPF certification).

Finally, we are very present in education at the doctoral level, but also in the continuing education of researchers and professional organizations.

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