SADAPT JRU Organisation

SADAPT JRU Organisation

The unit is structured in three multidisciplinary research teams

  • Urban Agricultures
     The mission of the Urban Agriculture team is to analyze urban agriculture, both professional and non-professional, in its diversity, from the point of view of the functions it fulfills, its modes of operation and the technical, social and territorial practices of the actors involved.
  • Concepts
     The research is aimed at developing concepts, tools and methods to design and evaluate new organizations of agricultural systems reconciling production, environment and biodiversity issues.
  • Proximities
     The research is devoted to analyzing the dynamics of rural and peri-urban territories in a situation of space scarcity, with a particular focus on agriculture and agricultural land under urban influences.

And four transversal animation groups and the “Health” exchange group

Adminitration Team

Others researchers

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